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You can now report a problem to the City of Mavlern online

Use the online form or get the app to report a problem.

To get the app go to the App Store on you device and search for iWorQ and install the app from there. Use agency code Mal01.

Or you can use this form to report a problem using the online form.

***NOTICE ***

The Malvern Police Department is now taking credit cards for fine payments.
Visit the Police Department page for more info.

The Malvern Building Department is now taking credit cards for Permit Fee payments.
Visit the Building Department page for more info.


This City of Malvern Building Department has implemented online permitting.
You can now apply and pay online.
Visit the Building Department.

*** Notice ***

The Malvern Civil Service Commission will test for entry level positions for Firefighter.
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Agenda and Council Meeting

The Malvern Agenda meets the first Monday at 6:30PM.

The Malvern City Council meets the second Monday at 6:30PM.