Clerk / Treasurer

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Malvern City Clerk/Treasurer's Office to ensure the City's legislative processes are open and transparent by providing a bridge between citizens and government through the dissemination of information, and ensuring the preservation, access, and integrity of records required to be stored for legal and business purposes; and to ensure the performance of all Departments is financially prudent, and consistent with the laws and ordinances governing municipal government.

Duties and Services

  • Receipt and Disbursements of all monies, including grants, and payroll for the City of Malvern.
  • The Clerk/Finance Office also keeps personnel records for workman's compensation, sick leave, withholdings, vacation, and retirement. The Clerk/Finance Office is also the information center for employee and dependent insurance.
  • The Clerk/Treasurer's Office currently serves as the city's Human Resources Department for the hiring of all city personnel. The office advertises job openings, provides job descriptions and handles the application process for all city positions.
  • Financial Statements are provided to city officials and department heads on a monthly basis.
  • The Clerk/Treasurer's Office serves as the city's purchasing office and handles the bid process for all major purchases and services. The office issues purchase order numbers for city purchases of all departments.
  • Ordinances and Resolutions, and City Council Minutes - The Clerk/Treasurer's Office is the information center for laws passed by the local governing body and actions taken by the Council. The current year's City Council Minutes are posted on the website following each meeting. Ordinances for the current year are posted following their passage and publication.
  • The Clerk/Treasurer's Office is responsible for providing information for the update of the Malvern Municipal Code of Ordinances. The Code of Ordinances is a composite of the laws passed by the governing body and is updated annually.
  • The Clerk/Treasurer's Office maintains copies of all agreements and contracts for the City of Malvern.
  • The Clerk/Treasurer is the legal custodian of the city’s official records and city seal. These records include but are not limited to: 
    • Ordinances
    • Resolutions
    • Council agendas
    • Meeting minutes
    • Contracts
    • Agreements
    • Deeds
  • The Clerk/Treasurer's office provides staff support for the City Council, and is responsible for the agenda process, gathering all corresponding paperwork and sending it as a packet to the council. The Clerk/Treasurer records and publicizes the proceedings of the meetings, preparing the council-approved ordinances and resolutions which are numbered, signed by the mayor, attested by the clerk, and sealed.
  • It is also the duty of the City Clerk/Treasurer to receive, file, and retain the Code of Ethics and Financial Disclosure Statements from appointed municipal commissioners and elected officials, including the mayor, aldermen, clerk, treasurer, city attorney, and district judge. As adopted by City Ordinance No. 09-07, adopted November 9, 2009, the offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer were combined into one department for the City of Malvern.