Malvern  Arkansas

Police Chief
Donnie Taber
Chief Taber 


  The Malvern Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life in the City of Malvern by providing exceptionally responsive and efficient public service that promotes the self-sufficiency, well being, and prosperity of citizens, employees, business, and our community.
  The city philosophy of teamwork and collaboration is the foundation of our shared values, and our commitment to public service. It is our pledge to always work to earn our public’s trust.



  The Malvern Police Department motto is “Caveo Vivere” which means “For Life.” This includes guarding life, to provide for life, to give security and to provide for safety. It also demonstrates each officer’s commitment to the protection of others, and our willingness to sacrifice to provide for the safety of others.


  The Malvern Police Department Mission is “To Protect and Serve”.

To Protect - To protect the citizens and the public from crime and the fear of crime, to protect all people from the purposeful or negligent infliction of injury or death, to protect those who are unable to protect themselves, to protect the Civil Rights of all people, and to protect our city from the forces of lawlessness.
To protect the property of our city, our citizens, and our businesses from theft and intentional or negligent damage by others.

To Serve – To serve our city, to serve our citizens, and to serve any visitor to our city in any way we are able. To give aid and support whenever possible, and to help those in need in any way we can within the scope allowed by policy and law.


  The Malvern Police Department has adopted six Core Values to guide us in demonstrating our Motto and accomplishing our mission. All of our policy and decisions will be weighed against these values to insure the highest quality law enforcement possible is provided. Our Core Values are:

A. Loyalty

    To be loyal to those whom we serve, to our profession, to our department, to our city,
    and to each other.

B. Professionalism

    To attain the highest possible level of professionalism by employing intelligent and
    caring officers, and through continued training to stay current on changes in the law 
    and the latest effective law enforcement techniques. To be always courteous and
    helpful in the performance of our duty.

C. Dedication

     To be dedicated to our citizens, to our city, and to our department. To be prepared to
     sacrifice for the good of the department or the city, and to place the needs of others
     before our own.

D. Compassion

     To show genuine concern, care, and empathy for others, and to have respect for their
     feelings and to treat all people with respect and dignity. To enforce the spirit of the law
     as opposed to the letter of the law whenever possible and to remember there is no
     justice without mercy.

E. Integrity

    To be honest and forthright and meet all of our ethical and moral standards. To have the
    moral courage to do what is right without regard for our personal opinions or feelings.

F. Commitment

    Commitment to excellence. Commitment to professionalism and quality performance of
    duty. Commitment to our mission of “To Protect and Serve.”